How to Make a Stained Glass Ornament


Creating a stained glass ornament is a great way to add a unique piece of art to your home. You can use various techniques to create an attractive design that will last forever.

Salt dough

Using salt dough to make a stained glass ornament is a fun and inexpensive way to create holiday decorations that will last for years. You can use salt dough to make gift tags, ornaments, and even handprints. These DIY crafts are a lot of fun and great for kids.

First, you’ll need to mix the ingredients. You’ll need all-purpose flour, salt, warm water, and food coloring. You can mix liquid and gel colors to achieve a unique look. You can add glitter to the mixture for a stunning effect.

Next, you’ll need to roll out your dough. This should be about an inch or so thick. You can use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from the dough.

You can insert glass beads into the dough to form a stained glass effect for a unique look. You can also use metal straws to poke holes in your ornaments.

You can also decorate your salt dough with glitter or other materials. You can even make it into a Christmas tree topper. Once your salt dough is ready, you’ll need to bake it. You can add essential oils to the mixture to get a scented ornament.

You can store your salt dough in an air-tight container or a sealed ziplock bag. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum sealer to keep the dough fresh.

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You can also make your salt dough a few days ahead of time. This allows you to avoid the hassle of preparing the dough daily. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can mix the ingredients and make the ornaments ahead of time.

Gallery glass paint

Creating a stained glass ornament with gallery glass paint is a fun and creative way to make an attractive holiday decoration. You can choose from a variety of designs for your project.

Before you start painting, it is essential to determine the pattern you want to use. You can find ways online or buy books on stained glass patterns.

You can also use your pattern. Before you begin, ensure your surface is clean and free from dust and debris. It would help if you used a primer on surfaces that will be covered with enamel-based acrylics. It would help if you used a primer to achieve good adhesion.

Using a brush is an excellent way to apply the paint. You can also use cotton balls and toothpicks as applicator tools. It would help if you painted in layers for the best results. You can add glitter and small objects for extra sparkle.

Then, it would help if you let the paint dry. Then, you can fill in the lines with clear lacquer. You can also seal the stain with a coat of sealer. You can use a brush-on or spray-on sealer.

The leading blank surface method should be used to make a large window piece. This is a technique that French artist Jean-Baptiste Glomy popularized in the mid-1700s.

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After the paint dries, you can add layers to darken the colors. You can also mix different colors. You can use a craft stick to apply the paint.

Depending on your project, you can choose a vertical or modular method. The sheer process involves painting the design directly on the project’s surface.

You can also add texture and dimension by applying Plaid Gallery Glass Paint. This paint is available in over thirty colors and is water-based. It has a smooth flow, is nontoxic, and can be used on any glass or surface. You can purchase Plaid products at most major craft stores.

Tac soldering

Unlike glass welding, soldering glass does not involve cutting and reassembling. Instead, it involves applying a small amount of solder to join two pieces of glass. With this process, the joints are strong, and the entire structure is strengthened.

Aside from the obvious step of heating your iron to its optimum temperature, you will need a few other items for this artisanal craft. First, you need a stand to accommodate your work table and iron. This will prevent your iron from overheating and causing a burn. Secondly, you will need a fume extraction fan.

Finally, you will need a few trade tricks, such as a copper hanger. To make this work, you need to first in the hanger. Then, it would help if you flattened the hanger to its optimal shape. Next, you need to apply solder to the hanger. This will ensure a good bond.

Tac soldering for stained glass ornament is a challenging feat. However, it’s definitely worth the effort. The process can be dangerous, so you’ll need to be careful. The most important thing to remember is to be aware of the risks and follow the proper protocol to avoid a mess. For example, you must know that using too much solder can weaken the wire. You can prevent this by using a smaller, thinner iron. This will make it easier to get into the small spaces inside the star.

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The best way to accomplish this task is to use a metal work table. Getting a fume extractor for your iron is also a good idea. This will help you keep the air around your iron cleaner and minimize the risk of burning yourself on the hot iron.


Whether you have antique glass ornaments or contemporary ones, there are some basic steps to keep them clean. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different kinds of soiling that can affect stained glass ornaments and how to clean them safely.

You can clean most ordinary glass ornaments using a soft cloth and a glass cleaner. However, some glass ornaments, such as crystal glass, require a polishing jewelry cloth to remove stubborn stains.

If your glass ornament is hand-painted, it needs extra care. It will help if you have yet to use a wet cleaning solution to clean it. If you use a damp cloth, you should rub it firmly against the surface.

You can also try a paste wax if you don’t want to invest in a polishing jewelry cloth. Apply a small amount of the product on the glass ornament, and rub it in. You can then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

If you have ornaments painted with lead, you’ll want to wear protective gloves. This is because information can become problematic when heated or sawed. If the charge is not on the surface, you should be able to remove it with a cloth and a little bit of dish soap.

You should also check to see if your ornament has cracks or breaks. If it does, you may have to have it professionally cleaned.

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Before storing your ornaments, please keep them in the right boxes and containers. They should be stored away from sunlight and in a cool, dry area. Plastic and wooden boxes can trap moisture and can damage ornaments.

StorageMart recommends specially designed ornament boxes and dividers to keep your ornaments separate. If your decorations are made of fabric or felt, you should inspect them for loose threads and sequins.

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