How to Make Tissue Paper Stained Glass With Glue


If you are a DIY lover, then you might be interested in learning how to make tissue paper stained glass. It can be a great way to decorate your home. It is easy to create, and you can use various techniques to get excellent results.

Mod Podge

You can make a beautiful stained glass effect using Mod Podge and tissue paper. The best part is that you can create any shape you want! You can even use different colors of tissue paper for a more artistic effect.

Start by tracing a heart shape on the side of a piece of paper. Then cut out the form. You can save the inside cut-out for later. Then place the cut-out on contact paper. Then you can add tissue paper flowers in bunches to the letter.

If you don’t want to cut out your heart, you can use a tissue paper punch to create an excellent shape. Once you’ve made your heart, you can glue the cut to the paper.

Once you have the shape, you can apply a coat of Mod Podge to the tissue paper. Then you can use a sponge brush to give the entire piece a smooth finish.

You can also decorate a plate with Mod Podge and tissue paper. This is a fun and inexpensive craft project for children. You can customize the size and color to match your home decor.

A great alternative to traditional stained glass votives is to create them from a bottle. You can create a design on the bottle with Mod Podge and tissue paper or choose a simple shape.

You can also make a stained glass effect by gluing tissue paper to a window or candleholder. The easiest way is to create a pattern on a construction or decorative piece.

Another idea is to decorate a toilet roll to turn it into a mobile. You can make a cool snowman from cardstock and tissue paper for the winter season. You can use the same technique to create a suncatcher for your living room window.

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Tissue paper

Tissue paper stained glass is a fun and easy art project to make with your kids. The best part about it is that it is a great way to bring color into a room! You can do it with items you already have or supplies you buy at the craft store. It is a perfect spring activity.

First, you will need to decide on the design for your stained glass. You can choose from a variety of shapes. You can even try out geometric shapes. You can also add different colors to the tissue paper to get various effects.

Next, you will need to cut out the shapes. You can use a pair of scissors to cut out small pieces. You can either have the kids do this themselves, or you can have them help you cut. Then, you can glue the pieces together. This is an excellent way for them to practice their fine motor skills and learn the importance of keeping everything in place.

Depending on your child’s age, this craft can be fascinating. You can use it to teach the importance of letting the sunlight shine through. You can even hang it in a sunny window to enjoy.

Tissue paper stained glass is a great way to encourage your child’s love of the sun. It is also an excellent opportunity to practice cutting. You can have the kids make the shape themselves by cutting out the paper. You can let them tear the paper if they’re uncomfortable with scissors.

Then, your child can add colored blocks to the top. You can use paints, markers, and other materials to make them. Just be sure that the colors will see through.


The stained glass technique is a great way to bring color to a room. It can be a fun craft activity for the whole family. It can be made in several different patterns.

The process for this stained glass craft is easy. First, you will need to cut shapes. You can cut the bodies into geometric or squares. You can also use a paper punch. The forms can be covered with glue.

You can make a stained glass sun catcher for a window. To make this craft, you will need clear contact paper. This can be purchased in the craft section of a store. If you don’t have this, you can use an alternative zip lock bag. Once the paper is cut out, place the cut out on the contact paper. Then, add tissue paper over the top.

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You can also create faux stained glass. For this technique, you will need a pattern. This can be traced onto wax paper or parchment paper. You can then use watered-down glue to cover the waxed paper.

If you would like to create a more realistic look, you can trace around real leaves. This will give you a more solid yet unique shape.

You can also create a stained glass window using a zipper bag. Using a giant bag, you can make a larger stained glass window.

Tissue paper is an excellent material for this craft. It is easy to tear and wrinkle. It can also be easily cut into small pieces. You can make squares, hearts, or geometric shapes.

You can create a stained glass window craft in just a few minutes. It is a great springtime art project for the whole family. You can even hang the finished project in a sunny window!

Creating a beautiful effect

If you want to create a stained glass effect without the use of glass, tissue paper is the way to go. Tissue paper comes in various colors and is easy to cut into shapes. The result is a beautiful effect when light shines through the tissue.

Tissue paper stained glass is a great craft activity for kids. It’s simple and can be used in windows, doors, or even a paper mache house. You can also make these stained glass windows into geometric shapes.

For this project, you’ll need tissue paper, water-soluble glue, wax paper, and a frame. You can buy pre-cut tissue paper squares or cut your own.

Cut your tissue paper into squares about one inch by one inch. You can fold the paper diagonally or in half to create a pattern. You don’t need to have all of your squares the same size, but you should have enough to cover the surface of the window.

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After cutting, you can apply a layer of glue. Once this is dry, you can add more tissue paper. You can brush the surface with a little bit of water, too. If the edges start to come off, you can fix them with more glue.

You can also use a black marker to draw the shapes. You can then color around the figures with acrylic paints. The black lines must be thick enough to pull through the colors so you won’t lose shape.

The finished piece should be about the same size as a typical window. You can hang the finished work on the wall with double-sided clear tape.

Making it yourself

Tissue paper stained glass is an easy and fun craft activity to do with your kids. You can get started with the supplies you already have in your home. The project is excellent entertainment for a spring afternoon. If you’re a little older, try making a window sun catcher.

To make a paper-stained glass craft, you will need black construction paper, tissue paper, and an adhesive sheet. You can also use a frame. You can make your own or buy a cheap one at the store.

To start, cut out the center of the cardstock and place it on the adhesive sheet. Be sure to leave a half-inch border around the entire piece.

Once you’ve glued it, you can cover the area with tissue paper. Then, you can start adding layers of colored tissue paper. Use only a little glue to block light from passing through your artwork.

Another great way to make a stained glass effect is on a candleholder or jar. You can choose from various designs and colors to make yours unique.

You can even glue on other shapes if you want a more detailed, layered look. Some kids may want to do this as they go, while others will need help. If your child is having trouble with straight lines, they may need an adult to draw them.

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You can also try this craft using a large zipper bag. You can make it into a larger, more elaborate stained glass window. Be sure to squeeze out any air bubbles in the tissue before putting it together.

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